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(1) Submit your MLS Listing:

(2) Submit your listing to marketing:

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(4) Order Marketing Materials:


TARIS brokers receive one pre-paid marketing kit for each of their listings. To order marketing materials for your listing, simply click the button above to go to the Riot Printing ordering page. Once there, choose the items you want from the pre-paid marketing kit and fill in your listing information and photos and submit your order. TARIS marketing will review your order before it is sent out, and then you will receive your items in 3-5 business days.

Additional Materials:

For quantities that exceed those of the pre-paid marketing kit or for any custom materials beyond the templates provided, the broker will be responsible for the full cost of the order (including tax and shipping).

For custom materials, please email Brandon Romo directly to set up an order.

For large orders, please contact Scott Radis to discuss joint payment plans.